March 2022

Two years ago time changed. Fast forward to present day.

Whether in art or life, creativity is a necessity. Relationships or solitude, there are moments to cherish that incite ideation and inspiration. As an artist, researcher and educator, there is a constant state of looking, seeing and holding onto what is real and what is poetic; especially to make sense of the significant change we experienced these past two years.

Oddly, the silence and isolation we came to know in lockdown were like periods of time that artists long for in their studios. Yet, with life happening outside that we could hear and imagine, which the past two years did not provide. So, any sound or inkling and glimmer of activity to break from being shut in was welcomed.

Alone, we notice things. How something is like something and nothing is new. We correlate to understand. Pair ideas to make a connection. Self-teaching. Self talk. Self awareness.