Gathering Napkins: Evidence as Object is an ongoing process based tracking system that was inspired by a repetitive act carried out by deli cashiers in New York City.

Gathering Napkins: Evidence as Object

Video Art

The video camera plays an important role in my work as an extension of the body and thought. Drawing on everyday activities related to social dynamics, the images I create are influenced by popular culture and political issues. Whether in the picture frame or behind the camera, my presence as creator is distinctively real. My videos come to full light in post-production with a keen editing style, the use of text, a play on recognizable audio clips, and appropriation of famed films to enhance critical and conceptual commentary.

Departure, (trt 6:12) ©2007

Moon, (trt 1:39) ©2005

P-Issue, (trt 3:43) ©1998

Sympathy for Sam, (trt 2:02) ©2004



Be-Ball is a physical articulation of the activity in the installation space where the projection of my video remained for the duration of the exhibition. The projection booth at Cypress College faces outward into a foyer where there are multiple doors, stairwells and windows.



West/East is a photo-documentary project that is based on bringing images from both domestic coasts into a visual dialogue. The images are paired for conceptual, formal, and evocative reasons. They raise questions of social conditioning while providing a context for one to arrive at answers about their perceptions. They encourage ways to see menial objects as glorified. Ultimately, they speak to the power of choice and how we decide to place ourselves in relationship to our surroundings.



Two weeks after a traumatic impact from a car accident, I began seeing with blurred vision, experienced dizziness and wandered around as if I was floating because I could not firmly feel my feet on the ground. General disorientation and loss of my vocabulary were less concerning than losing my sight as a visual artist. In essence, the horizon line was a welcomed recollection that grounded me, momentarily. These images and words document that experience.

N2P2B by Mechele Manno

While living in New York City in 2007, long before MAGA and during the second term of the second Bush administration, N2P2B by Mechele Manno, was a project conceptualized to engage an audience in their own residence. The premise was to send a message that inspires a ‘reaction’ followed by an ‘action.’ Who could have imagined that things would get politically worse in the United States a decade later? N2P2B is an acronym for Not Too Proud To Beg.