Services for the Arts

Mechele Manno, EdD founded Equity Arts, LLC to offer strategic planning for nonprofit and for-profit arts organizations and creative industries. Motivated by a lifelong commitment to the arts as a practitioner and arts administrator for over 20 years, consultancy services are customized to provide neutral, equity driven facilitation, unbiased environmental scanning, and full-scale multi-year strategic planning. Quality services elicit socially conscious and culturally intelligent confidential engagement practices measured by expertise data analysis designed to transform arts and cultural sectors into well-rounded inclusive environments for long-term sustainability.



Facilitation services include general aspects of strategic planning for small groups of 5-10 key stakeholders. Larger groups can be accommodated over several meetings to create a culture of trust and effective communication. The client is responsible for data collection and drafting of the final planning document. Review, feedback and editing services are included to eliminate bias and to ensure confidentiality of participants.

Detailed Planning


Detailed planning services include conducting an extensive environmental scan interviewing key stakeholders and analysis to draft an initial report with recommendations and priorities. Mechele Manno, EdD serves as the primary lead for planning sessions and retreats. The deliverable is a final plan with proposed budget allocation, timeline for implementation, and assessment strategies. Vetting with external constituencies and initial implementation of project are negotiable.

Collaborative Facilitation and Planning


Collaborative consultation includes long-term projects especially for large scale nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses. Services might include grants management, and any or all of the above variables of facilitation and detailed planning. Great care is taken to negotiate the client’s capacity for fulfilling desirable goals and the consultant’s responsibility. As a collaborative team, a holistic approach is paramount to achieving success.


Headquartered in Los Angeles, we encourage new clients to seek initial virtual consultations. Then, we can mutually arrange for in-person and hybrid engagement with a combination of service types. Mechele Manno, EDd continues to conduct research on women in the arts and organizational development practices making available client-centered content, such as:

  • Annual quantitative and qualitative studies about the art sectors for publication and public speaking.
  • Ongoing review of available market research to identify best practices for implementing gender equity, diversity, and inclusion in the arts.
  • Systematically administering anonymous and confidential surveys for clients pre- and post-strategic planning.
  • Feedback mechanisms for ongoing dialogue at the very minimum through my blog.

All services for clients are handled with the utmost respect, professionalism, confidentiality, and integrity. Creativity and the arts are far too precious to tinker with. We believe the best is possible. Contact us at

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“Mechele Manno is a consummate professional with superlative expertise, key insight, and skill. She has organized and run the administration of our Institute both with passion and pragmatism and her value to our team cannot be overestimated.”

— Juri Koll, Director & Founder


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